Chevalier School aims to develop well-rounded individuals, helping cultivate the minds and hearts of its students, preparing them for the future. 





Chevalier School envisions to develop graduates who are God-loving and well-rounded persons with a heart for others.





  1. Design and implement a curriculum that aims towards total human development, academic excellence and practical wisdom.
  2. Inculcate Christian and moral values both in the academic and co-curricular activities and cultivate in the students, love of country.
  3. Instill the values of love, unity, cooperation, discipleship, deep concern for and sensitivity to the needs of others.
  4. Develop the God-given talents of the students and equip them with the necessary skills to face the challenges of time and their situations.


  1. Develop a community of committed, consistent honest and disciplined persons who instills the value of service to God and humanity.
  2. Foster a higher concept of citizenship, develop social awareness with proper  judgment through righteous deeds, leadership and understanding of one’s moral responsibility to his fellowmen, community and country.
  3. Strengthen the learning process by excellent instruction and enriching experiences for the formation of the students.